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Slovenia’s ELES Issues Call for Grid Loss Reduction Solutions

Slovenia’s electricity transmission system operator is receiving project proposals for reducing losses in the grid until September 15.

ELES is responsible for the transmission network’s safe and efficient operation, maintenance, and economic development. One way to achieve savings is by optimizing losses in the transmission system, the state-owned company wrote in an open call for project proposals.

Losses occur in various network devices, such as transmission lines, transformers, and FACTS (flexible alternating current transmission system) devices, and vary by operational points, weather conditions, power flows, voltage magnitude, conductor types, and measurement inaccuracies, ELES explained. Losses are often viewed as unavoidable outcomes of investments and operational measures, it added.

In search for optimal solutions

The company said it is investigating possibilities for future investments and operational measures with economically optimal ways to reduce losses due to their indirect impact on company revenues.

Actions to minimize losses can be categorized as planning measures and operational measures. Operational measures involve using existing equipment more efficiently, while planning measures focus on incorporating loss minimization into the planning process, the announcement reads.

It includes improving maintenance methodologies, enhancing cost-benefit analysis for new devices, and exploring innovative ideas of smart control using advanced algorithms and AI, according to the call.

Top ten companies to be picked on November 30

The measures can be implemented at specific voltage levels for certain time frames, and their scope can also vary from local to international cooperation. Considering the financial investment required versus the expected return is essential when implementing these measures, ELES pointed out.

Applicants have until September 15 to send a brief description. The most promising candidates are scheduled to be picked by the end of October. They would be asked to submit a comprehensive company profile and proposal to work with ELES. The company said it would select the final top ten companies on November 30 and begin talks on pilot projects.

Source : Balkan Green Energy News