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Turkish ‘Karate-kid’ Aims for Balkan Glory Despite Quake Ordeal

Yağmur Fahlioğulları, a resilient 12-year-old, along with his family, perseveres in a tent following the destruction of their home during the Feb. 6 twin earthquakes that ravaged southeastern Türkiye.

Despite the hardships, Fahlioğulları remains dedicated to his karate training, fueled by the ambition to secure a medal at the upcoming Balkan Children’s Karate Championship on May 26-28.

Following the twin earthquakes, Yağmur’s family found refuge in a tent in Mustafa Kemal’s Neighborhood.

Initially, the young karateka faced a setback as the training facility she practiced at was damaged in the catastrophe.

Desperate for a solution, her father, Sedat Fahlioğulları, contacted the tent city authorities for assistance.

Thanks to their intervention, the Mehmetçik and Turkish Red Crescent swiftly erected tents in the area, providing both the young athlete and fellow earthquake survivors with the opportunity to continue their sporting pursuits.

The District Directorate of Youth and Sports, in collaboration with the Directorate of National Education, extended material support to the two tents.

Undeterred by the challenging circumstances, Yağmur Fahlioğulları participated in the Türkiye Children’s Karate Championship held in Denizli from April 25 to 30, where she faced competitors from 38 provinces and secured an impressive second-place finish.

Buoyed by her remarkable achievement and subsequent selection for the national team, Fahlioğulları now redoubles her training efforts, setting her sights on clinching the top prize at the forthcoming Balkan Children’s Karate Championship, scheduled for May 26-28.

Yağmur Fahlioğulları told Anadolu Agency (AA) that her passion for martial arts, which she has cultivated for the past six years.

Despite the damage to her home, she perseveres in the tent city training facilities provided by the authorities.

Eager to capitalize on her recent success, Fahlioğulları expressed her determination to return home adorned with the first Balkan Children’s Karate Championships medal.

Mehmet Akif Ersoy Tent City Coordinator, Murat Demircan, expressed pride in the accomplishments of the young karateka, who is an inspiration to all earthquake survivors.

Her father expressed gratitude for the opportunities afforded to his daughter in the tent city, enabling her to continue her training and achieve remarkable success.

Coach Mehmet Dağlıoğlu emphasized Fahlioğulları’s unwavering commitment to her training, even in the face of adversity as she strives to make her country proud.

Source: Daily Sabah