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Romania received almost EUR 90 billion in EU funds since accession, minister says

Romania’s minister of economy, Ștefan Radu Oprea, recently said that the country received EUR 89.4 billion in EU funds since its accession in 2007. The net flow balance, meaning the amounts received minus Romania’s contributions to the EU budget, has exceeded EUR 60 billion.

Oprea noted that Romania’s economy and living standards have increased due to the possibility of accessing European funds and the advantages offered by the common market.

“I believe there are several figures that tell a lot about the evolution of Romania’s economy, by comparison between 2007 and today. The nominal GDP was RON 404.7 billion in 2007, and in 2022 it was RON 1,401.3 billion. In the period 2007 – 2022, Romania had an average annual economic growth (real GDP growth) of 3.04%, the second highest in the region, after Poland (3.83%), above the EU27 average of 1.2%. The minimum gross salary in the economy increased from RON 390 on January 1, 2007, to RON 3,300 on January 1, 2024,” the minister wrote on Facebook

“The GDP per capita at purchasing power parity recorded an increase from 40% of the EU27 average in 2006, to 76% in 2022. Romania has surpassed Greece, Hungary and is approaching Poland,” he added.

Ștefan Radu Oprea argued that Romania’s economic achievements since becoming an EU member stand as powerful proof against those who say that Romania should reconsider its membership.

“In the UK, the misinformation preceding Brexit claimed that the British spend more money on the EU budget than they receive. Today, the latest data show that the decision to leave the European Union has cost the UK economy EUR 160 billion. The life of citizens has become more expensive, and the business environment suffers through the trade barriers it faces,” he asserted.

Source: Romania Insider