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Rimac Energy Outlines Innovative Stationary Energy Storage Solutions at BEF 2023

As announced earlier, Rimac Energy created a novel battery architecture that reduces efficiency losses by up to 50% and takes up a 40% smaller surface than the current state-of-the-art solutions. The company is 100% owned by Rimac Group, which has a majority stake in Bugatti Rimac and its subsidiary Rimac automobili, known for ultrafast electric cars.

“The systems used today for energy storage are generally pretty expensive. They are not efficient enough and they require more space than we would like. We all talk about the transition to clean energy, and with our activities we want to help do it faster and with lower costs, Rimac Energy’s Director Wasim Sarwar Dilov said at the BEF 2023 conference.

Company to expand in Balkans, Europe

He pointed out that the Croatia-based company is primarily looking to Europe but that it has the ambition to make an impact on the energy transition of the region as well.

“Our focus is primarily on Europe, on the carbon footprint and job creation in Europe and big advances in lowering carbon emissions, but we also want to have a concrete impact in the region in accelerating the clean energy transition. Today the prices of charging infrastructure are very high and with our activities we want to help significantly reduce the costs and increase efficiency,” the head of Rimac Energy pointed out and added that it is open to partnerships in the supply chain, project development and the provision of services.

Rimac Energy to create solutions making up central part of energy ecosystem

The energy transition will be particularly visible in cities due to the decentralization of electricity production and greater mobility, while energy storage will be an important part of the changes, Sarwar Dilov stressed. “We don’t want the products that we create to be something in the background, but to be the central part of the future energy ecosystem”, he stated.

According to the presentation, Rimac Energy will offer solutions for the commercial and industrial sectors and the electricity grid, supporting decarbonization, as well as fast charging through megawatt-sized batteries.

The production of pilot systems for selected customers is planned to begin this year, with commissioning scheduled for 2024. Mass manufacturing is set to start in 2025 at the Rimac Campus in Croatia, with manufacturing capacities continuously scaling up into the double-digit GWh-scale.

Rimac Energy was built as a specialized team within Rimac Technology over the last year and a half and now consists of about 60 employees.

Source: Balkan Green Energy News