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Police Seize Multiple Weapons in Northern Kosovo

A car with Belgrade license plates was identified last night, about 100 meters from the commune of Zvecan, in which numerous weapons, explosive devices and various ammunition were discovered, Kosovo’s Interior Minister Xhelal Sveçla reported. 

Among those weapons were shoulder rocket launchers, explosives, automatic weapons, a significant amount of ammunition, stun grenades, military uniforms and bags, he added. 

“These weapons were intended to carry out terrorist attacks against the citizens and institutions of the Republic of Kosovo,” Sveçla continued, adding that “this is yet another evidence that President of Serbia Aleksandar Vučić, through such groups and organizations, intends to destabilize our country.” 

“This case confirms the information received by the security institutions of the Republic of Kosovo that during the last few weeks, cars and other vehicles with military weapons have entered Kosovo from the territory of Serbia”, Sveçla concluded.

Source: TVP World