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2023 Balkan Grand Prix Pro Bodybuilding Show Results

The 2023 Balkan Grand Prix Pro was held on Saturday, Oct. 7, 2023, in Sofia, Bulgaria, and it featured the 212 Bodybuilding, Classic Physique, and Figure divisions. For the 212 show, it was the final qualifying show for the 2023 Olympia Weekend in Orlando, FL, on Nov. 2-5, 2023. 

The man who claimed that spot was Radoslav Angelov, who now moves on to the Olympia. The Classic Physique winner was Hasan Alibraham, and the champion in Figure was Lena Ramsteiner.

2023 Balkan Grand Prix Pro Results

The final standings for all three shows are below.

212 Bodybuilding

  1. Radoslav Angelov (Bulgaria)
  2. Marco Ruz (France)
  3. Dobromir Delev (Bulgaria)
  4. Zhaofeng He (China)
  5. Mirnes Husanovic (Bosnia & Herzegovina)
  6. Muhammet Kurutas (Turkey)
  7. Mohammad Alissa (USA)
  8. Ayat Najdbaghri (Iran)
  9. Gabor Berek (Hungary)
  10. Masoom Butt (Pakistan) / Reza Kakavand (Iran)*
  11. Mostafa Eskandari (The Netherlands)

*Tie due to one round being judged.

Classic Physique

  1. Hasan Alibrahim (The Netherlands)
  2. Zhivko Petkov (Bulgaria)
  3. Valeri Enchev (Bulgaria)
  4. Roberto Martinez Pizana (Spain)
  5. Ruben Lopez Reyes (Spain)
  6. Saverio Mangione (Italy)
  7. Karol Rogaczewski (Poland)
  8. Denis Romanov (Russia)
  9. Alireza Aghayi Behjani (United Kingdom)
  10. Ersin Adakli (Turkey)
  11. Nikolay Mitev (Bulgaria)


  1. Lena Ramsteiner (Germany)
  2. Paula Ranta (Finland)
  3. Veronica Gallego (Spain)
  4. Maria Wattel (Netherland)
  5. Kristina Bodnariuk (Russia)
  6. Behnaz Nasrollahi Azar (Germany)
  7. Hannah Prause (Germany)
  8. Glynis Van Drunen (Netherlands)
  9. Katja Nowack (Germany)
  10. Snezhana Vlahova (Bulgaria)
  11. Gabriela Hejna (Czech Republic)
  12. Krisztina Meleg (Hungary)
  13. China Green (United Kingdom)
  14. Lubomira Steftcheva (Bulgaria)
  15. Yadviga Zakurina (Russia)
  16. Ekaterina Kochergina (Russia)

212 Bodybuilding Winner — Radoslav Angelov

Angelov picked his show carefully, and it paid off. He entered the show in his home country and scored all first-place votes from the judges. He will return to the Olympia 212 stage, hoping to crack the top 10. He ranked 12th overall in the 2022 Olympia

Classic Physique Winner — Hasan Alibrahim

Two home-country favorites were in this contest, but neither Zhivko Petkov nor Valeri Enchev clinched the win. Hasan Alibrahim left as champion and returned to the Netherlands as an Olympia-qualified competitor. If he makes it to the stage in Orlando, it will be his Classic Physique Olympia debut.

Figure Winner — Lena Ramsteiner

Lena Ramsteiner was in her fourth pro show and first pro win of the 2023 season. As a result, she secured one of the final 2023 Figure Olympia qualifying spots. Her best finish before this show was second at the 2023 Tupelo Pro.

Paula Ranta of Finland made the show interesting, earning some first-place votes from the judges. However, it wasn’t enough to claim the top prize. Spain’s Veronica Gallego took third place.

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